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Tips for Healthy Eating!

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 5, 2017

healthy food

We’re all born pretty much the same contour and size, so how can it be that some people remain skinny and a few of us do not? Genetics aside, the reason, obviously lies in the lifestyle choices that people make, as we grow older.

As an overall guideline, fresh food will be better for you than processed food or preserved food. Eat fresh veggies, fruits and cook with fresh ingredients, it’ll straight away reduce the calories that you take on from food additives as well as preservatives which are found in processed or preserved food. Cooking at home is best, as you get to choose on the ingredients as well as the portion sizes.

Exercise portion control and recall – you do not have to clear your plate. Don’t overload your plate, cook more veggies and remember to eat only what you need. Despite what your mom taught you, you do not have to at all times clear your plate, if you have had enough to eat. Make it a custom to eat only when you’re hungry and never to binge eat when you’re bored, stressed or simply from doing it as a habit. The human body will tell you when it wants food and it’s best to follow a routine when you’re planning your meals.

Research shows that if you sit for more than a hour or so, your body slows the production of the enzymes that burn off fat by up to 90%. Some people can never sit still for prolonged time periods, so take a page from their book to make sure you stand up and walk around at least once a hour. This will help your body to stay active and keep the metabolism going to process the food that you’ve eaten.

Take the time when you’re having your meal, chew properly as well as give it gives your body a possibility to tell you when you’re full. You might enjoy having a blast through your food but you might end up eating more than you should and regret it afterwards in a food coma.

Do not eat high calorie foods after your night meal. Avoid the temptation to settle down with a bar of chocolate or a can of soft drink every evening. This is how many people pile on the pounds, so in the event you do feel peckish, have some fruits instead. You can have your night snack but always remember how much calories intake you have overall.

Walking is the simplest way to do exercise without going to a gym or buying any equipment. So give the park a go and have a walk especially if it’s a pleasant day outside. Staying active will keep you motivated and build positive eating habits.

Distractions like Netflix or cat videos might in fact make you eat more! Those sweet rolls or bag of chips you had while watching your favourite series can go under the radar and you end up wondering where and how you packed the extra weight last week.

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