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Our top 5 healthy study snacks

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 7, 2016

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The end of the year brings so many exciting things, but there’s something few of us look forward to: that end-of-year rush at work or school. Whether you’re facing exams, assignments, or a mountain of to-dos at work, here are the best healthy snacks to power your brain for A+ results.

Two things are key for the perfect brain-powering snack: they have to be delicious, and they have to be so easy your poor tired brain can manage to whip them up in the first place.

Energy balls: They’ve even got ‘energy’ in the name! They’re the perfect bite-sized energy hit, and there’s a recipe for just about every flavour combination under the sun. Try these Blueberry Coconut Truffles or Lemon Coconut Protein Balls for starters.

Frozen yoghurt-covered berries: Take berries. Dip in natural yoghurt. Freeze. A snack so quick even the most sleep-deprived student can manage it.

Chia pudding: Layers of fresh fruit, yoghurt and chia seeds make for a health-packed breakfast or lunch that you can make in advance. Add whatever flavours you choose, or try this Coconut Chia & Cacao recipe for inspiration.

Popcorn: Plain, freshly popped popcorn satisfies that urge to have food constantly at your fingertips (which you should try to avoid if possible, but we’ll forgive you if you’ve got an exam coming up), plus it’s actually not as unhealthy as you might think. Just make sure you steer clear of the commercial versions, which are packed with salt and sugar.

Vegies and dip: Celery, carrot or capsicum sticks with a homemade dip is a great way to get not only vitamins, but brain-boosting protein as well. A good homemade hummus will always hit the spot, but try our Roasted Red Capsicum dip for something a bit different.

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