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Our top tips for wellness

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on November 28, 2016


We all have our habits that keep us healthy, but have you ever wondered what they are; and if they are effective? It might be living the vegan life, training pilates and yoga on alternate days or jumping in the ocean daily. Regardless of what makes you tick, here’s a few tried and tested tips from the experts that help us achieve optimal wellness, wrapped up for you in a neat little bow.

1.     Meditate. High performing CEOs, world leaders like Obama (love him) and Buddha himself are strong advocates for this activity which centres your thoughts. What are the benefits? Oh, just enhanced cognitive performance, clarity in thoughts, reduced anxiety and alleviation of depressive states. The mind works at it’s best when it is thinking clearly – meditating provides an opportunity to do exactly this. The app Headspace is a great tool, as are the endless guided meditations on youtube.

2.     Eat your veggies. Just like grandma always told you, vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that we need to feel at our best: inside and out. Your immune system, digestion, nervous system, muscular system and brain rely on your nutrition to function properly, so it’s your duty to deliver this to them! And especially when we have veggie packed recipes like this spicy peanut, coconut and chickpea curry, there’s no reason not to eat well.

3.     Cut the sweet stuff. There’s a reason that you feel wired and weirdly energetic after you have a sugary treat; and that is the same reason that your body crashes about 1-2 hours later. It’s not good for you, simple as that. Nourish your temple and have enough respect for yourself to eat properly. Look for alternatives, such as Natvia.

These fundamental behaviours for wellness only receive so much attention because they actually work. And although we appreciate that you are a unique being (a special one at that), know that we are all designed using a similar DNA, so what works for you and what works for the majority of the population are actually quite similar. Take advice, take action, and we’ll see you in happy town.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, model, personal trainer and student of nutritional medicine. She’s a long standing vegetable lover, sugar avoider and recent adaptor of a daily morning meditation practice. So far, so good. Hear more about her journey on her blog –

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