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Two’s Company

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on October 28, 2015


If you could go into business with your best friend, would you? It might sound like a recipe for disaster, but for Justin and Mikey, co-managers of Windsor’s Two Lost Boys café, and good mates, it’s certainly paid off.

The pair’s friendship had always been based on a love of coffee and a shared dream of starting up a café. Two years ago, they put their plans into action and started up Two Lost Boys together. Tucked next to Windsor Station, it’s away from busy Chapel Street, although it sees its fair share of traffic.

Both started out behind the coffee machine, but as the business has grown, Justin has found himself moving into the kitchen more. Two Lost Boys offer both all day breakfast and lunch, although it seems that nobody can resist a spot of brunch – the breakfast menu is easily the most popular.

As the café has prospered, so has the friendship between the two. Getting the balance right is simpler than you might think. ‘It’s like any relationship, it’s all about respect,’ Justin explains. ‘At the end of the day, the relationship comes first. The business is just business.’

It’s not only about being friends with each other, either. Customer service is a priority for Two Lost Boys, and that means more than just being friendly. The two like to get to know their customers, whether they’re daily regulars or just passing through. ‘We want to make it a place where people want to come. A home away from home.’ After all, it’s the customers that keep the place running. The best part, Justin says, is when regular customers start making friends with one another. It’s about creating a community, based around a love of food and coffee – just like Mikey and Justin.

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