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Creating the perfect cup: Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on January 25, 2016

Veneziano coffee roasters

Like many of us, Veneziano Coffee Roasters are powered by coffee. Unlike us, it’s the pursuit of creating the perfect coffee blend that drives them.

“We’re always searching for the best coffee, and aiming to just share an excellent coffee experience” roaster Craig Simon tells me.

Established in Melbourne, they’re more than just a coffee roastery. The thriving business incorporates cafes and barista training courses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. They also distribute their speciality coffee to cafes across the country.

According to Craig, the process behind creating the perfect blend is “kind of pretty simple,” although he adds that it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds! For him, it’s all about finding great coffee and roasting and blending it in ways that celebrates its uniqueness.

How does he find it? By ‘getting on a plane, going to exotic locations and trying lots of coffee’.

Their quest for the best has lead Veneziano Coffee Roasters to locations in Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama and India. Once there, they meet with farmers and co-ops.

Once they’ve found them, Veneziano Coffee Roasters usually return regularly to their growers, really focusing on building strong relationships. And although it’s business, it’s not all serious. “There’s lots of friendships involved,” Craig tells me.

By getting to know their growers, they can experiment more with different processing methods. Craig explains that in the past, processing methods were specific to individual regions – so one method used in Colombia, for example, would not be used in Ethiopia. With the added input from the roasters, farmers are now getting the chance to try different things.

“There’s a lot more scope for experimentation.”

For Craig, it’s the knowledge and passion of the people at Veneziano Coffee Roasters that makes them special. “We search with skill, roast with skill, and brew with skill…we always want to do the best job we can.”

With three Veneziano Roasters Cafes in three different capital cities, they’re sharing that knowledge and passion across the country. The cafes are an opportunity for customers to learn about the coffee they’re drinking and the roasting process that created it – as well as enjoying it!

There’s no one perfect cup of coffee for Craig – he loves unique experiences, and being surprised by new and exciting things. Although, he adds, ‘sharing a really tasty experience’ comes close to perfect.

“The best cup of coffee is the one you share.”

Image credit: BeanScene Magazine

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