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The Spark That Started “Change Room Foods”

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on December 4, 2015

change room foods

To most, the change room is an awkward place. In gyms ladies are squirming around holding their towels trying to get from point A to point B without dropping it, and in clothing stores they are tip-toing so that they can pop their head over the door to ask the assistant to bring in another size, while their boyfriends or husbands wait patiently outside.

But Mandy Banh doesn’t see it this way. To this Melbourne based former pharmacist and health food entrepreneur, the change room is a progressive environment. So much so that she has called her own health food company The Change Room Foods.

Mandy’s business focuses on delivering healthy hand made snacks and treats to homes, work places, retailers and events in and around Melbourne. The Change Room Foods was even the official birthday cake maker for Lorna Jane’s 25th anniversary, which Mandy considers as “one of my biggest milestones.”

She chose the name because to her people go into change rooms “when they are looking to make positive change.”

“When you go into the gym change room you are looking to lose weight, tone up or get fitter. You go into a change room of a store when you are trying to look and feel good,” she explains.

“You are always looking for positive change in change rooms whether you know it or not.”

Mandy was inspired to create The Change Room Foods six years ago while she was in a gym change room.

“A girl walked past me with a protein bar and I thought to myself “that looks amazing, I’m going to have one of those,” she tells me.

“So I went to the reception desk but I couldn’t eat the bars there because they contained gluten. So I thought I would just go into the nearby health food store and get something from there, but there was nothing available for me.” She couldn’t buy it, so she decided to make it herself.

The Change Room Foods’ philosophy is to eat well so you live well. Mandy wants to use her experience and education as a pharmacist to reach out to as many people as she can on a personal level, helping others achieve this type of food freedom.

“I am so inspired when people who contact, follow or engage with my material tell me that I helped them make positive change,” Mandy exclaims.

“It is the biggest compliment when others try and love my recipes. I just want to help as many people as I can looking for a change.”

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