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When doing less is more

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on August 19, 2016


“Everyone around me is doing so many amazing things, I’m just trying to keep up. I’m modelling, acting, starting my own fashion line, collaborating with my best friend to start our own youtube channel, and I work at my family’s cafe on the weekend to help out too… It’s pretty crazy, and I don’t really have any down time, but I feel like I have to progress.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. This resonates in my head too. With social media exacerbating the pressure to do more and more, and many of us becoming literally exhausted just trying to meet our deadlines, there comes to a time when we ask: when is it enough?

If this is ringing bells in your head, I’m about to tell you something very important: it’s enough when you say it’s enough. Strange, I know. But I’ll tell you what? It’s not going to be enough when you’ve got a savings account with six figures, 1 million followers on instagram, your own successful online business or your own e-cookbook on gluten free, sugar free recipes.

Why? Because if you’re fatigued and overwhelmed by these objectives, then achieving them isn’t going to make you feel better. If you were an athlete exhausted by overtraining, would winning gold heal your lethargy? Or would it just make you want more, training even harder to ensure you keep that gold? The countermeasure to exhaustion is rest – simple as that. 

What do you mean? I’m going to chill and achieve all of these things? Are you crazy? No, not crazy. What I’m getting at is that when we overdo things and don’t listen to our bodies, we a) become miserable in the process of achieving the goal, and b) become inefficient in our daily functioning in general, and c) forget that the MAIN objective of life is to ENJOY life – NOW, and goals are meant to guide us, not consume us.

So what do to? Give yourself a break. Go easy on yourself. Take a day off. It won’t kill you, or cause all hell to break out, and you’re not going to spiral into a dark abyss of nothingness. I know, it actually won’t happen. What will happen though is you’ll find yourself more motivated, focused and energised than ever when you get back into it. And probably smash it out in a quarter of the time too.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, queen of overdoing it (was, not anymore though): psychology graduate / personal trainer / model / co-founder of Bondi Outdoor / current student of nutritional medicine. She’s noticing the more she rests, the more productive she becomes, she has more time for her social and personal life and funnily enough, her goals are achieved with much greater ease as well. For more of her words of wisdom, click onto her website:

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