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Ladies who lift: resistance training for women

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on June 14, 2016

Ladies who lift: resistance training for women

By Miss K

Resistance training (lifting weights) is where you use resistance to induce muscular contraction with the goal of building strength, endurance and skeletal muscle size.

Why should you be doing it?

Not only will it make you stronger and fitter but also it will change your body in ways that quite simply no other form of exercise can do. In my earlier 20s I didn’t incorporate weight training at all into my exercise routine and the difference now after 6 years is quite drastic. Although I was a healthy weight before, I was skinny and weak where as now I am a lot stronger, fitter and also look it as well.

Why many women avoid it?

Many women are afraid to lift weights because they fear they will end up looking too muscular and manly. In reality it is just not going to happen due to the fact women’s hormones will not support this naturally. Building muscle is a very difficult process for men, let alone even harder for women and is something that happens very slowly. Yes, you will add a small amount of muscle onto your body but I guarantee it will have you looking and feeling better than you did before. For example, building a little bit of shape and curves to your upper and lower body with a small amount of muscle mass is going to make your waist appear smaller.

What are the benefits of incorporating it?

For those who are still unsure and need more convincing here are just a few benefits of including weight training into your program. Whether your goal is weight loss or just to be healthier, you really are missing out if you do not include it in your program.

-Will speed up your weight loss goals

-Improved strength

-Improved muscle to fat ratio

-Improved mobility

-Improved posture

-Decrease risk of injury

-You will burn more calories every day

-You will prevent muscle loss that occurs with age

-Your clothes will fit more flatteringly

-You will build stronger bones

-You will handle stress better

-You will live longer

Biggest mistakes I always see?

The key biggest mistake is obviously not including resistance training at all in your routine! After that one, the next is simply not training at an intensity level that is even close to what it should be in order to get all the benefits. If you want to get results as well as all the benefits this form of exercise has to offer than you need to train hard. Your sets should be pushed to failure or close to it. Too often I see women using a weight which is so easy for them they are missing the whole point. If you have picked a weight and are shooting for 12 reps, the last few reps should be getting difficult for you and if they are not then the weight is too easy for you.

What is an example routine for a beginner?

A good routine I like to use for beginners wanting to start out with 2 times per week would be an upper and lower split where upper body is hit once per week and lower body is hit once per week. I have listed the free weight exercises below but of course these can be substituted for machines if you are unsure of the correct form and do not have somebody to help you. Make sure to get someone to help you out if you need guidance.  I like to do 4 sets of each increasing the weight each set. The rep ranges I tend to use for each set are as follows.

Set 1 – 25-30 reps

Set 2- 15-20 reps

Set 3 – 10-15 reps

Set 4 – 8-10 reps


Upper body workout

Bench Press x 4 sets

Barbell Row x 4 sets

Shoulder press x 4 sets

Wide grip pulldowns x 4 sets

Barbell curl x 4 sets

Tricep pushdown x 4 sets


Lower body workout

Squats x 4 sets

Deadlift x4 sets

Leg press x 4 sets

Glute pushbacks x 4 sets

Leg raises x 4 sets

Planks x 4 sets



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