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Why You Need To Start Running

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on March 2, 2016

Why You Need To Start Running

Full disclosure, I haven’t always loved running. I once warned a friend that if she ever saw me running that she should start running too, because something is chasing me.

My interest in running came about quite suddenly, a few years ago my housemate at the time decided that she was going to become a runner. She hadn’t ever been a runner, but for one reason or another had decided that she would join the heard of pavement pounders sweating it out on the streets before sunrise.

Before too long, like all runners, she spoke of nothing else but running, how great she felt, the numerous health benefits, how she couldn’t wait to run again and in short I was beginning to feel curious about this running business. Long story short, I gave it a go and after a few weeks of pain and panting, I was fully converted.

As the ultimate anti-cardio bunny, I would have chosen weights over cardio any day. If I can get excited about running, anyone can! Still need a few more reasons to get running?

1. Firstly, I am not a jogger, I am a runner and being a runner is totally badass

Rule 1# running is not jogging. A simple way to differentiate joggers from runners; joggers bounce up and down at traffic lights waiting for the light to go green and runners stand there looking pissed off, waiting to run again.

Being a runner is badass because it means you are competing against your toughest and fiercest challenger, yourself. The high you feel when you beat a personal best or run that extra kilometre is unparalleled.

2. It is super affordable

I am unashamedly frugal and running provides so many health and fitness benefits for the price of a pair of kicks.

To name a few of these benefits:
– Weight loss
– Improved core strength
Improved joint strength and stability
– Improved mood (ever heard of runner’s high? Oh yes, it’s a thing!)
– Better quality of sleep
– Improved heart health
– Stronger bones
– Stress relief
– Toned legs

 3. You will have better Sex

Not only will the above benefits be great for your self-esteem but running is one of the quickest ways to improve overall stamina and endurance, need I say more?

4. Running keeps you young

Maintaining a consistent running routine actually slows down ageing.
If you think slowing down and decreased ease of movement is unavoidable as you get older, think again. Researchers have found that 70-year-old runners had about the same walking competence as a typical teenager. Basically, runners enjoy a better quality of life as running increases our ability to move around more easily.

If you have been considering taking up running, lace up those sneakers and start today! Ten minutes of running today is better than zero minutes of running yesterday.

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