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Will David Cameron Back Big Business or British Families?

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on February 9, 2016

In recent years it has become clear that David Cameron does not want to deal with big business on the big issues. There is no better example of this than last October, when he ruled out a tax on sugary foods and drink. In fact, he did so without even reading the report given to him by the Public Health England organisation.

However, in the past week or so, there seems to be a change of mood in the parliamentary camp. A recent article in The Times suggests that the Prime Minister is not, in fact, opposed to a sugar tax at all. In a recent press conference, Cameron openly shared his concerns regarding high sugar diets and national obesity rates “We do have to recognise that we face potentially in Britain something of an obesity crisis,” further stating, “When we look at the effect of obesity on not just diabetes but the effect on heart disease, potentially on cancer.”

Amongst the many groups campaigning for a national sugar tax, Cancer Research UK have made their stance very clear, stressing a strong link between sugar consumption and cancer. The organisation have also stated that rising levels of obesity could see more than 700,000 extra cases of cancer in the next 20 years.

While there are many in favour of the tax there are many claiming that rather than creating a sugar tax, it is up to the individual to regulate the amount of sugar they are consuming. However, Public Health England have publicly stated that a high sugar intake is most common in low-income families. A leading reason for this is that fresh and healthy food is often more expensive than its high sugar, low nutrient, quick alternative.

Given that the NHS currently spends around £14 billion each year on obesity and lifestyle related illnesses, many believe that sugar should be taxed similarly to cigarettes.

With so many proponents fighting for the cause and with celebrities like, Jamie Oliver leading the charge, it must be clear to David Cameron that this issue is not going away anytime soon.

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