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Your boss is making you fat

Posted by: Patrick Catanzariti on July 12, 2016

Your boss is making you fat

That biscuit tin isn’t looking so innocent after all. Britain’s Royal College of Surgeons has warned that ‘cake culture’ in the office is contributing to obesity and tooth problems.

The office is where many people consume the majority of their sugar, they explain. And when you’re already spending most of your time (8 hours a day for many office workers!) sitting still while you work, the last thing you need is excess sugar on top of that. Providing biscuits in meetings, or bringing in cake to celebrate a birthday, might seem like a harmless treat, but the experts warn it’s contributing to a bigger problem.

While snacking can be a good way to keep your energy levels high during the work day, it definitely depends on what the snack is! Sugary snacks between meals causes your blood glucose levels to spike, as well as giving you a whole lot of excess calories.

The habit of keeping sweet treats around the office also makes it harder for those trying to make positive changes to their diets. How many times have you brought a healthy lunch to work, only to give in for a piece of birthday cake left over in the break room, or a sweet bikkie with your cup of tea?

Not that we’re saying there should be a total ban on birthday cakes, or a no-biscuit rule as soon as you get to work! Instead, the experts suggest that we need a change in culture, where healthier snacks (like fruit platters or nuts) are provided in meetings and less sugary snacks are available in the workplace.

The Royal College of Surgeons say that ‘responsible employers should take the lead’, and while managers should definitely set a good example, we think that anyone can start making the change! Start bringing in snacks like nuts, fruit or vegies and dip for the fridge or meeting room, or make sure that when you’re cutting the birthday cake, there’s also a healthy option available.

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