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Sugar Consumption: Exploring Pathways to Healthier Alternatives

Sugar Consumption: Exploring Pathways to Healthier Alternatives

Sugar consumption trend has dramatically increased over the last decade. In the USA and Europe, the amount of added sugar and artificial sweeteners consumed annually per person peaked at almost 69kgThe obesity rates in Australia surpass those of the entire world. These are associated with the consumption of fat, fructose and sugar. 

Acknowledging the drawbacks of sugar consumption; however, it is hard to 100% get rid of sugar from our daily meals. Firstly, studies say that consuming a certain amount sugar and sweeteners does have benefits for physiological and neurological health. Secondly, eliminating sugar completely will pose health hazards. “Having a “black-and-white" attitude to food can lead to disordered eating habits and feelings of guilt when the forbidden food in eat, which can have a severe impact on mental health”. 

Therefore, the ultimate alternative would be swapping from normal sugar to natural sweeteners. 

 Here are some ways to do that:

Search for food containing natural sugar.  

Fruits do contain natural sugar, such as apples, bananas, paw paw, oranges, etc,.  

Dry fruits such as raspberries and raisins. Raisin and granola protein based oats recipe is a healthy and delicious option for breakfast.  

Honey, which can be added to your morning cereal. 

Alternative Sweetener 

Search for the natural sweetener that is made from cane sugar, stevia and erythritol. No frustose, low GI, no carbs and calories 

It is best to add no sugar or sweeteners to your morning tea or coffee, but if you want to add a bit of the taste, try to use sugar free  sweeteners.  

Final thoughts 

The relationship between humans and sugar, as well as sweeteners might be complicated. Be mindful of what we consume every day. By being aware of hidden sugars, understanding their impact on our health, and seeking out healthier alternatives, we can strive for a balanced diet that supports our well-being in the long run. 

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