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Almond Butter Chia Jam Bars

When it comes to a healthier recipe, Almond Butter and Chia Seeds are an awesome go to! Especially when this recipe is vegan! This is a healthy and vegan almond butter chia jam bars recipe alternative made completely without sugar, but all the great taste! This is a super healthy and tasty way to enjoy a sugar free chocolate slice, by Natvia. Made with Natvia 100% Natural Sweetener! That's right there is no sugar used in any of our recipes! You can find more sugar-free recipes like this one and more over on our blog or check out Natvia's archive of dessert videos over at Healthy Treats!


2 Cups Wholegrain Rolled Oats 1 Cup Almond Butter 2 tbsp Natvia 1/3 Cup Flax Seeds 3 tbsp Coconut Oil Jam: Natvia Fruit Spread, or 2 cups Mixed Berries (Blueberries/RaspberriesStrawberries etc) 1 tbsp Natvia 1/2 Cup Chia Seeds Chocolate: 90g Sugar Free Dark Chocolate 1 tbsp Coconut Oil  

Natvia's Strawberry and Raspberry Fruit Spreads mean you can enjoy more of the good stuff with none of the nasties. Our fruit spreads are diabetic-friendly, naturally sweetened and contain just 8 calories per serve!

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  1. Add 2 cups of wholegrain rolled oats to a blender and blend until the mix has become dust.
  2. Once the rolled oats have become dust, add them to a mixing bowl and add 1 cup of Almond Butter to the mix, along with 2 tbsp of Natvia and 1/3 cup of flax seeds.
  3. Whilst stirring the mixture with your hands, add 3 tbsp of coconut oil one by one.
  4. Once you have mixed the contents of the bowl together and it resembles breadcrumbs, line a baking tray of bread pan and spread the mixture out flat.
  5. Once flattened in the bottom of the pan and a flat crust layer has been formed, place in the fridge to chill (approx 30 min).
  6. Add 2 cups of the mixed berries to a new bowl. The mixed berries can be your own mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc.
  7. Use a potato masher and squash the berry mixture until it all resembles jam.
  8. Once like Jam, add 1 tbsp Natvia to the mix.
  9. Add 1/2 cup Chia seeds and continue to stir the mixture until it has all combined evenly.
  10. Once evenly mixed, set aside for 15 mins so that the chia seeds can gel with the fruits and have the jam thicken.
  11. Chop 90g Dark Chocolate and place in a glass bowl ready to use as a double boiler.
  12. Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil and wait for the chocolate to melt whilst stirring.
  13. Continue to stir the chocolate until completely melted.
  14. Take the crust out of the fridge, and pour and spread the jam layer over the top of the crust evenly.
  15. Once the jam is evenly spread, add the melted chocolate onto the top of the jam and evenly distribute.
  16. Set the slice in the fridge.
  17. Once set and the chocolate is hard, take it out of the fridge and slice into desired portions and enjoy a delicious sugar free treat!
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