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Salted caramel apple yoghurt cake



- 2 x weetbix 

- 100g finely grated apple (medium) 

- 15g almond butter 

Yoghurt layer 

- 150g 0.5% greek yoghurt 

- ~ 2Og grated apple (left over) 

- 2 tsp sugar free sweetener or preferred sweetener 

- 4g unflavoured powdered gelatin + 3 tbsp water and melted 

- 2 tbsp sugar free salted caramel sauce 




1. Combine crushed Weet-Bix, grated apple, almond butter and press into a greased 10cm spring form pan or small dish similar in size. If you like, use a square dish and make it a slice 

2. In a small bowl add your gelatin and water and mix. Rest ~ 2 -3 min until you get jelly mass then melt it over hot bowl of water . 

3. In a bowl mix yoghurt, apple sweetener and hydrated and melted gelatin 

4. Pour half of yogurt mixture on base layer, drizzle 1 x tbsp of salted caramel sauce (10g) on top . Pour remainder of yogurt mixture, caramel sauce and finish with a sprinkle of shredded coconut . Transfer to fridge to set until firm. 

Make the night before and enjoy for breakfast ! 


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