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Let’s bake together. Watch the making of your favorite sugar-free recipes.

In the mood for baking? Want to make a sugar-free mud cake, or maybe whip up some healthy, ricotta buckwheat pancakes? Get your baking gear ready because you’re in for a sugar-free treat! Join Natvia in the making of the most delicious sugar-free dessert recipes. Watch the entire process of creating these mouthwatering treats, together with all instructions and everything you need to know so that your dessert turns out absolutely delicious!

Baking is easy with Natvia and quitting sugar is even easier with it. Use Natvia as you would sugar and watch the baking magic happen. Natvia is sweet like sugar, never bitter and it’s the perfect kitchen companion for all the baking lovers out there. You can now make the oh so loved chocolate brownies and flavored cheesecakes without the guilt, sugar-free and all. Natvia has zero impact on your blood sugar levels and it’s virtually calorie free. With Natvia, you don’t have to give up your favorite dessert cravings and instead indulge in sweet natural living.

Browse through the Natvia video recipes collections and find your favorite sweet treats to make. There is no excuse now, it’s as easy as pressing the play button and you can watch the full recipe in the making, step by step. Get inspired with the Natvia sugar-free recipes and bake together with our resident baker.

If you are a Youtube fan, don’t forget to check out the Natvia channel where you can find all the top Natvia baking delights. Watch the making of our most popular recipes and make your own, sugar-free of course.

Natvia is 100% natural and has no effects on your blood glucose levels. Made from stevia plant and erythritol, Natvia tastes delicious and makes everything sweet. Natvia is fructose free and tooth friendly.





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