Hot Bakes

Put on those oven mitts, things are about to get seriously delicious!

At Natvia we’re firm believers that baking soothes the soul and that’s never been more true than with our collection of delicious hot bakes. Taking the stress and the guilt out of baking, our Natvia 100% natural sweetener, means you can cook all of our favourite desserts sugar-free! Don’t believe you can bake sugar-free? Get ready to be inspired.

With hundreds of sugar-free recipes, baking with Natvia has never been easier. Prepare to turn out a delicious sugar-free creation for every occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, Sunday mornings, and family baking afternoons – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to whipping up something perfect.

Here you’ll find everything from flavorful brownies and cookies to indulgent, rich chocolate cakes. Be tempted by our range of puddings and beautifully moist sponge cakes. You won’t be able to resist our range of slices, loafs, and crumbles and don’t get us started on our fruity galettes, self-saucing desserts, pies, trifles, pavlovas, and swirls. Cutting out sugar has never sounded so great? Right!

Our collection of delicious hot bakes isn’t just for experienced cooks in the kitchen either; all of our recipes are designed to be easy to follow so you can enjoy your sweet treats as soon as possible no matter if you’re a baking novice or baking connoisseur.

Why not bake something you’ve never attempted? You might just surprise yourself. Whichever of our recipes you decide to whip up you can be sure you won’t be eating any nasty refined sugars. Not just that but Natvia has zero impact on blood sugar levels making it perfect for diabetics. You can rest assured that Natvia is made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients so go on, get baking and see just what delicious dessert treat you can whip up!



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